I just can't play Experimental

It opens and stuff, but when I press a button the game starts doing some strange shat. Like, I press right and then left, game goes two times to right and then left. Is when I press a button once, it counts as I pressed that button twice. This happens everywhere; in the menu and in-game (and for be sincere, I am impressed that I made it to the actual game instead of ragequiting the impossible puzzle called “main menu”)

Any ideas?

Version number isn’t posted

What system and version?
Are you using any extra software that can create/capture keyboard input, such as AutoHotkey?

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:2, topic:7818”]>Version number isn’t posted


no face trying to greentext on random forums not even green

The version is the lastest. My system is win7 x64. I don’t have any program that can mess with the keyboard…

I seem to remember something about joysticks freaking the game out a fair while back. Have you used a plug in joystick for anything recently?