I have a book that gives the recipe for a Bear Trap but I don't have it as an option to make, did something change?

I’m sitting next to my ‘The Modern Trapper’ book, which says it has the recipes for the blade, booby, bear, and land mine traps. So I went to see how difficult it would be to make a bear trap and what it required but there isn’t an option to do it.
I’m using the search button and nothing at all comes up, so it’s not like I’m being blind and not seeing it in the list.
This seems to also apply to the other traps within the book.
Something else notable is that I can use recipes from other books such as ‘The Handloader’s Helper’.
I’m assuming this has to do with a change in one of the experimentals and I’m missing something, or maybe it’s a bug, I dunno. Either way, I want myself some bear traps.

According to the item browser, bear traps require traps (2) and mechanics (3). Do you have both of those? Things don’t show up in crafting if you don’t have the required skills (or close enough to have a chance), even if you have the recipe in a book.

I don’t remember that being a thing before, just that you had a considerably lower chance to succeed.
Looking at some of the recipes again it seems like I might be able to craft stuff as long as my skill level is at least 2 below the required. Or something like that.

EDIT: I currently don’t have enough trapping and mechanics currently, so I guess that’s why is sin’t showing up.
I guess it probably makes more sense for it to be mechanics, but I totally that it was going to be fabrication at first.

EDIT 2: Just learned trapping 1 from the book and now I can make it as soon as I get the needed tools.

Yeah, I’m not sure of the exact rules for when things show up. Something like when your primary skill is one below the required skill. Then it’ll show up with a yellow (1/2) and you can try it with a higher failure rate.

Sounds about right. Not sure how the game implements the secondary skill into it though (other than success chance).