Snare Trap?

I recently found out that there exists a kind of ‘snare trap’ in the game (or more accurately a “snare kit”). The item browser says that the light snare kit is crafted using a long string and a “snare trigger” and requires a skill of 1 in trapping and survival. But it doesn’t mention any book which contains the recipe so I’m assuming the survivor should be able to learn it automatically.

But my survivor who has a Trapping of 4 and survival of 8 isn’t able to craft either the kit or the trigger (which, apparently, requires just survival-1 to craft).

I’m hoping to use these traps to hunt small game without actually chasing and hunting them down.

Am I missing something or the recipes for these traps are in some book??

I would also like to know the answer to this. Same situation.

Did some debug testing, and you can get the recipe with the ‘give all recipes’ function. Lets see what the problem is.

Aha, looking at the code it is listed as '“note”: “believed removed-from-game”, and autolearn false. So you cannot get this item. No idea if it is intentional or not. You can still place one however. (And it still works if a squirrel walks over it (didn’t test larger mobs)). So I think it is still there for legacy reasons. As the game could break if people update their saves and it refers to old data that is now no longer there.

I asked a similar question in the needful things thread.

They are now included as part of the “More Survival Tools” mod. I do not have the skill to produce the trap, but it is in my debug menu.

But… as I raise my trapping skill to level 3, I am not seeing it at all. Maybe it is gone, gone. The item only exists for the people who have already placed snares down.

Yeah going over the whole survival tools mod is a plan of mine. Will check this one as well then.

Reminds me of the issue way back in the day where the ironshod quarterstaff and (chainsaw) lajatang were part of the main game but the quarterstaff itself was exclusive to the medieval/historical content mod.

I’m almost positive I can build the snare in my current game with More Survival Tools turned on (Though not at my PC). I’ve read one of the low-level books for trapping (Pocket Survival I think?).