I have a bad feeling about this

So I looted a massive pile of cool stuff in town. I found a working car and put all the loot in the trunk. So I sort of figure out how to start the car and how to drive it. Well I am fish tailing all the way back to my base, when I realize that I dont know how to stop. I swerve right past the wall of my base and skid right on into a lake. The car has disappeared and all my loot in the trunk with it. I am safe, on the edge of the lake, but is there any way to salvage the car or my loot in the lake or is it all lost forver?

EDIT:The message log says my car sank, but when I dive in the water and swim around I dont see the car or any items anywhere. Its a very small lake. Maybe like 20 tiles by 20 tiles with a couple of islands in the middle so I cant imagine the car would be hard to find…

Uh… Sorry to break the news for you, but - as far as I know - it’s gone. It’s lost forever.

I just run a test car into deep water and it’s nowhere to be found… I will check the save file to see if it still “exists”, but I doubt it.

For the next time… You can break (or start breaking) with pressing 2 or the [DOWN_ARROW].
You can usually stop a car at insane speeds.

Edit: Indeed, there’s no reference left in the save game. It’s gone.

Oh wow that sucks bad. Do you know, is that intended? Or is that a bug? Something that will be added in at a later date? Seems kinda pointless to be able to go into water and even swim underwater but if nothing can exist underwater, then whats the point LOL.
Hmm it also seems odd that after jumping underwater, I dont get that wet status effect. I thought I remember seeing either my character or my clothes could get wet, and it would make moral go down from being “wet”?

It’s intended, as there’s no way to recover sunken vehicles (yet). It was/is planned to do something about it (hence I’ve had to check if it’s still the case), but until then, the vehicle just gets removed from the game to don’t take up dead file space and lag the game.

It’s actually one of the only few ways to get rid of all and any items. The other methods are: Driving over them, throwing them into lava and debug mode.

Fish… Fish can exist underwater. And items too (if you/someone/something drops them there). Just not items in vehicles.

Thank you Valase. While that sucks, I do understand. Ill chalk it up to yet one more of Cataclysm’s VERY costly teachable moments LOL.

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It depends on what you’re wearing. Some clothing do “feel good when wet”, and if you’re naked, you don’t get a morale debuff from being wet.

Yeah, there are usually plenty of these…

Also, keep in mind; it’s a game to play for our own pleasure, there’s nothing stopping us from closing the game without saving and reload the game at the last save point (unless we didn’t save in a while - that might be worth considering).

There are at least two ways to stop a car:

  • There’s a hand brake option. I don’t really use it, and I don’t know if it can cause you to lose control over the vehicle.
  • Since you figured out how to make the car go forward, knowing that it can reverse as well is useful. I stop cars by pressing the decrease/reverse speed button (2 on the numpad) until the target speed (the second speed number) is zero. That causes the car to slow down and stop quickly when pressing 5 (wait). Once the speed is zero, which takes one or two waits at the speeds I use, I stop the engine (same menu brought up as when starting the vehicle).

While it sucks to lose valuable loot, both vehicles and most loot is fairly plentiful and can acquired anew.

I quicksave manually and save scum when I screw up. In situations where I try to figure out how things work, or find improved ways to do things, I save, try, abort the game, reload, try again…

Yea I mean its not like I lost anything super rare, and Im starting to live long enough now acquiring items isnt so hard. I dont know what save scumming is? Can you please explain that to me? And I know this will sound stupid because Ive been playing for like a year now, but yesterday I JUST discovered npc’s lol. As in, I figured out that they can do all kinds of stuff. I had NO IDEA. I knew the starting npc in the beginning bunker would give you a mission but thats it.

Now learning yesterday that I can make them come with me and carry stuff and whatnot has just totally changed the game for me. All of a sudden, the whole experience just changed for me. I can clear town MUCH easier, I can get to places I cold never get to before cause I would always die, ect. Anyways, Im gonna make a new post with some questions about npc’s lol.

Making a copy of the save directory so you can restore it if something happens which you don’t like. Personally, I only consider it save scumming if you do it to recover from your mistakes; if a bug happens I have zero regrets about restoring from save backup if I have one.

Btw, talk with your NPC about faction camps.

Ahhh ok so save scumming is a way to get around a rogue or rogue-likes “feature” of having to start over from scratch when you die?

With this game you essentially have to levels:

  1. You accidentally hit “yes” rather than “no” and walked off a ledge and thus broke all your limbs. Escape out to the OS and use the task manager (or whatever it’s called in your OS) to kill the game. Start the game again, and load the last save point.

  2. You want to trek across the map to repair that motorcycle you saw over there. However, as your (player) driving skills are shoddy you’re as likely as not to accidentally run into a boulder or a tree, and so want to do incremental saves to recover from that. However, as your grasp on what’s required to repair the thing are hazy, and you can’t bring everything you might need (due to a lengthy trek along a forest trail), you want to be able to restart from your “base” after you’ve cleared each stumbling point and found the next one, rather than run back and forth 5 times. Copy the save folder and delete the current one when you screw up and copy the copy back (with and change the name back). This is almost what I’ve done today, although I ended up only using “normal” save scumming, and didn’t need to restore the backup. However, I wasn’t certain it would be possible to drive the motorcycle back along a trail (or which of a couple of possible route alternatives might work) so I did save after repairing the vehicle (it took some 3 or 4 one way trips to find the right prerequisites for repairing the vehicle, though). The return trip along the trail involved a lot of vegetation smashing, though, as turning a 3 tile long thing isn’t easy, especially when I haven’t yet gotten the hang of how to turn when reversing, although I’m going to get there eventually (turn isn’t the problem, but turn in the desired direction is).

Yes, but you don’t have to wait until you die. It’s basically what I’ve written in my answer above:

And other than PALU wrote, you don’t have to kill the game with the task manager. You could just close it with the “close window” X on the top right (unless you’re playing in fullscreen) (top left for a Mac), the “close” option in the context menu or ALT+F4 (COMMAND+W on a Mac).
There’s also a debug menu (you need to assign a key to it in the keybinding menu) which allows you to Quit to main menu without saving. Just be careful to not accidentally hit Save and Quit on your way there.
You can also shut down your computer, but that’s a bit of an extreme measure for something that can be achieved much easier.

But remember: On the next startup you’ll be back to where you last saved. And since it generates the items found in a house and cars on the street randomly the first time it loads into your vision range, you might not get the same stuff again.

Even if you die, you’ll get the “Watch your last moments?” popup. Unless you select (N)o or you accept your fate, you can still exit the game by any method mentioned above other than the debug menu one and you’ll not be dead on your next save load.

For anyone reading this in the future: This applies to the 0.F and earlier versions, it might have changed at the point you’re playing the game.

For the above mentioned methods, this is not necessary, but it is a good advice.
The game can be buggy sometimes and saves can get corrupted. Or you (or autosave) has saved in a bad spot with no way out.
So make backups of your save folder from time to time, in case something goes really wrong.