Lost vehicle

Hi guys. Been a lurker for a while, been playing for at least a year, now I have a question. In the confusion and terror of the moment, I managed to lose my storage carrier. I was wondering if there was some way, in game or out, to locate it. I named it, and it has all my stuff in it, so I was hoping anyone had an idea. Appreciate some feedback.

Not many people at this hours! However, just to let you be calm, i know there is indeed a way, looking at the savefile, i just don’t know exactly how. But it exists! Goodnight pal, hope someone can tell you how! (maybe search in the forums with the search thing? I would do it for ya, but i really gotta sleep)

I live in Australia, I’m probably on a different system. And searching has found me little, I don’t even know how to peek at my save game.

I can think of a couple of options for you, some easier than others depending on how long this save has been going.

  1. Use the debug menu to conduct a methodical search of the map using the teleport functions. Don’t know how to get to the debug menu? Go into the control bindings and enable it, I like to bind mine to `/~ key. Yes this is technically cheating. While doing this you can also pull up the map with m and mark off grid squares by "N"ote “X:”.

  2. Dig through the save files. I have no real idea of how tedious this is going to be for you but it can be done. Go into whatever folder your CDDA game is and follow this path /save/(nameofworld)/(maps). There are going to be folders with apparently meaningless names. I believe these are the map “chunks”. Inside these folders are a list of files containing actual map details. You can open them with notepad. There is a entry called vehicles. That’s where you’ll want to look. I’m sure someone has a vehicle recover tool but as far as I’ve been able to tell it’s the only way to do it.

  3. Give it up for lost and try to survive with what you’ve got on you. This seems like the least fun but believe me, it’s quite enjoyable.

In the future, on examining a vehicle controls, you can hit “k” to start keeping track of the vehicle position.

Walking backward along those pulped zombies, you will probably find where it was left. Unless it drove into river, then it would simply vanish.

Necroing this thread because it’s the first one that comes up in Google and I want people to be able to find this if they lose their vehicle

I wrote a script that scans your savegame files and tells you where your vehicle is. It can be found at https://gitlab.com/vavandenbroek/cdda-vehicle-finder

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Nice. I just left my foldable shopping cart somewhere. Weight limit is the roughest part of the game honestly.