Fudged a key press and fell to my death, now what?

So I was having a really good run, having settled in a military bunker and collected a lot of nice gear. I’d also built a solar powered vehicle, and cleared out the small town nearest to the bunker. During my last raid I had become badly injured and escaped onto the roof of a building to patch up - but as I was going to climb back down the drainpipe I missed the “e” key and in my haste answered “yes” to stepping into the void, falling to my death. Now I have never save scummed before, and have no back-up copies of the game, but I was so disgusted at losing everything I had worked for just because of a keyboard slip-up that I rage quit and tried to reload my save - only to find myself standing next to my own corpse with all the gear still on it. Can I continue to play like this, or will the duplicated objects cause errors in the game? Is there any way I can clean up the save to get rid of them and my corpse? Explosives?

Just burn the corpse and all the items on it, run away and convince yourself next morning it was all just a nightmare.

Welcome to the clone burning club. You already know the first rule of the clone burning club, don’t you?


> Welcome to the clone burning club. You already know the first rule of the clone burning club, don’t you?

Not really. No one would ever talk to me about it.

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Have you reloaded the save or started a new game in the same world? I don’t think there will be issues in either case. Having backups is recommended. You can SIGKILL the game if you want to reload from last save.

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The Prestige”, anyone?

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It’s unlikely to cause any errors (or just some small, temporary ones). So yeah, you can just continue.
And technically even without getting rid of everything.

While explosive works, it’s a bit overkill.
Burning gets rid of anything flammable, but depending on what you had on you, it might not get rid of everything. I’d suggest to run your corpse and items over with a car a few times… if it’s in an unfit location, drag them (\ key while standing on the tile where your corpse and other items are) a few tiles away and then run them over until nothing remains.
The heavier the car of your choice is, the faster the items will disappear.

Alternatively (unless there were some changes made that would prevent this): You could also load everything into a non-amphibic vehicle and run it into deep water.
Or drop everthing into lava (which seems to be really rare these days).
Or make the tile a “target practice” and shoot it with a high damage weapon (shotgun, as an example).
Or use the debug menu to get rid of it (one way would be to drop everything you wear on you, including your weapon, then spawn in and wear a debug pocket universe and pick up ever thing you want to get rid of, followed by going into the debug menu and go to [p]layerEdit [p]layer/NPC → [1] You[d]elete (all) items).
Or delete the items in the save (although that’s pretty tedious).