I found the city of Blaine north of the city of Blaine

I’m not sure that this is really the right place to put this, but in a manner of speaking it could be considered a bug.
On my overmap I recently just realized that there are two cities named Blaine within relative proximity to each other. Large enough distance that you need to scroll on the overmap but just barely.
You can almost take a straight road from one city to the other, with the exception of a little curving and a couple forest tiles between each road.
This definitely seems like a bit of an oversight, making it possible for two cities to spawn with the same name so close to each other.
It makes sense to allow some amount of name repetition in case the name list runs out, but this could probably be (mostly) fixed very easily by adding a little function where a name can’t be reused until every other one in the list has already been used.
It’s not a particularly big deal or anything, but certainly something I thought might be worth mentioning.

There’s only one thing to do, and it must be done The Cataclysm Way™.

Burn one to the ground.

Problem solved~


You know what, I think I may legitimately do that at one point. Partially because it sounds fun and because of the memes.

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It occurs in real-life with enough examples to not be a one-off rarity.

Nah! I’d use a missile silo :grin:

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Is there a train station? Blaine the train is a pain.

“After all, there are other worlds than these and that f***** train rolls through all of them.”


Um, what? I don’t understand.

There’s a series written by Steven King called the Dark Tower Series. In it, there’s a psychotic train (named Blaine) who tries to kill the heroes of the story.

I thought at least someone would pick up on it. Oh well… :pensive:


My current map has 3 cities called Hartford, all somewhat close together. And one called West Hartford that’s northeast of all 3.

First time I saw a town with no houses lmao. And it’s even named Norway, such a coincidence.

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