I did some mapgen changes you might find cool

Thought I’d just call your attention to them, since you’ve got to travel a lot to see them and they’re subtle at first.

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Saw it, but didn’t comment there as it would be slightly outside the scope of that effort. Here, though…

Would that open up for other geographically based changes, such as the introduction of new kinds of terrain and biomes as you get further in some directions?

There’s also the other issue of why you’d want to plunge deeper into mega city hell by going east. It just makes one direction decidedly less desirable than the others (unless your flavor of fun is to kill endless numbers of zombies for no other reward than random junk you’ve already acquired to over abundance from the hordes of zombies you’ve already killed), and that’s in a situation where route availability is already limited by water and limited presence of roads and usable bridges.

For now, going to the megacity is just a thing you can do for fun. Later, though, I’d like to change how things spawn so that some resources are much easier to find in the city.

This itself doesn’t add anything to make biome changes easier to add but it does offer a proof of concept for them. I’m going to try to add a new biome to fit with all this.

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In the city, most items are repetitive, perhaps the basement has some interesting things. However, this reduces the desire to search for resources in the late game. We can add some interesting elements, such as storybooks (that can be read), or memorable items to enhance the experience.

Would be cool if the big bad factions density also changed with some factions being prevalent in certain directions.

This definitely opens up for things like triffids spawning more in forest, stuff like that. I’m looking now at adding actual biome changes that would allow different specials to generate in different regions, which would dovetail with that pretty nicely. For now though, it’s just a flavour difference that can get pretty significant.

I didnt mean triffids spawned in Forests, I meant “fungus took over Quebec” kind of things where the more north-west you go the more certain faction spawns until its all spore covered ground.

Incredible. I have been playing Cataclysm since 2015, and this is one of the biggest changes I have experienced. Thank you Erk, one more time


Discussion/planning: Moving towards a vaguely defined "official" map. · Issue #70056 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub here’s some more info on where I would like to go with it. I hope if you like step one this will be really exciting, but if not, I’d really value your thoughts.