I am desperate ..... cant find the exodii

my toon is so fine now … but i just didnt find the exodii yet. i tried several ways that i found online… but the info is years old … or just doens work atm. i am really asking for a spoiler.

Drive to all directions, look for brown “^” that is called unusual stone barn. They’re not rare. If you don’t see any, explore more. Carry a binocular and climb the radio towers. That shows a large area around you. It’ll eventually show up.

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You could also perform some missions for the Old Guard if you feel like your toon is strong enough, it’ll either point you to an existing Exodii or spawn one, either way it’ll provide a map for you.

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thanx for the answers :slight_smile: but i really dont find any. i checked my whole map like 5 times… and i do have a good amount of land uncovered ^^ I talked to everyone ? (not sure if i missed someone) in the refugee center… no clue still where to fine the exodii. maybe i have to drive around a lot more… but as Wasserläufer :wink: said that they arent rare, i cant agree.

The Old Guard representative is in a room to the west side of the refugee center (I don’t think this location can be rotated, but if it can be, that would be to the left side when viewed from the entrance). That’s near where Mykayla (probably wrong spelling) the mutated arsonist is located.
The Old Guard quests involve risky combat, and the first one in particular isn’t one you should take on before your character is ready to take on armed human opponents (many of the following ones aren’t cakewalks either, but surviving the first one ought to at least indicate you’ve got some chance of survival).
It might make sense if the Exodii quest was a parallel quest that didn’t require your character to be battle ready in order to get it.

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My explored area has a radius of roughly 200 tiles and there are 3 unusual stone barns. Climb those towers, radio tower, fire watch tower, farm silo, as soon as you see them and if they’re not occupied by wasps.

Just so we’re sure, you’re not using any mods that might’ve removed them right?

okay okay xD

i finally did find em !

i was doing the quests for the old guard until i got the quest for the exodii base… on my way there i found my very first unusual stone barn ^.-
i did check my whole map with “/” and was looking for “barn” before … but nothing… i quess i was just that mega unlucky to not have that unusual stone barn anywhere else. it appeared like 20 tiles ? dunno for sure but not far from the actually exodii base away.
i want to say thank you very much to all of you helping me and explaining the old guard quest series and the other tips :slight_smile: