Where is the Captain?

So I’m playing one of the latest experimentals, and I just became a Marshall for the Old Guard. I did the bandit leader mission, and now I have to go to a fuel station and find a Captain for a mission. The problem is that the representative didn’t give me a mission. So I don’t have a mission marker on my map for the Captain. Is this a bug, or am I just stupid?

Nope. No bug. You have to find the necropolis. Before that you have to find a pump station, which can only be found on a specific type of city. Under the pump station you’ll search for the entrance of the necropolis, which will lead you down to where you have to go.

There’s no mission for it, so you gotta find a town that has a pump station and go under there.

Nope and no to your last two questions, I had this hangup for the longest time after becoming a Marshal as well and I honestly still haven’t found him. You need to find a Vault to begin your search proper, all of which are located under a pregenerated town covered in craters, if you run into irradiated wanderers on the surface you’ve found the right place. And then just search for the Captain, admittedly I gave up before I searched anywhere near the entire place, but he should be there.

Edit: Now kicking myself for never bothering to search the pump station…

Oh, thanks! I was really stumped, but I have to admit that these missions have really been making the game for me. Oh, and go Team Old Guard I guess.

There’s about three floors total under the pump station, and the captain should be at the second. Bring a lot of ammo.

Also, yeah, if you start spotting irridated wanderers above ground, then you’ll know you’re in the right place.

The town itself is more or less the same in all worlds. Pump station, salon are the unique buildings, but there’s also a pawn shop, bank, gas station, police academy, and a whole bunch of craters.

Wear the badge. Not sure if you need it, but if you don’t become a marshal in the old guard missions the guys down there won’t give you missions.

I was lucky when I got the badge, for I had already found the town.
Azrad is right. Bring a LOT of ammo. I’d take something that can fire in bursts — saved my arse several times from being mobbed.
Perhaps you’ll want to bring a jackhammer with you. I had a hard time navigating through the sewers to the entrance.