Take care of Informant Mission

I have a mission I got at a refugee centre for the “old guard”, and I can’t figure out how to do it. There doesn’t seem to be anything special I can do with anyone in the place, and if I lie and say I killed them I fail the mission. Anyone know what I need to do for this one?

I also find it frustrating that even the people not allowed inside the place will actually join me or interact in any meaningful way, just empty useless npcs.

If I remember right a new NPC appear after receive the mission, just in the same building.
Depending on your skill the dialogue lead to a violent approach. And thats supposed is the “good” ending because, just like Solo, they shoot first.

One of the guards will have a conversation tree that allows you to provoke him into revealing himself. I cannot recall if there is a minimum Speaking skill to get this though.

Weird, none of the guards has anything but the “don’t mind me” bit still…speaking skill is 3.

If I’m recalling correctly you may need a Speaking skill of 6 for this one.

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Oh god. This mission was tough the first time I attempted it. The guy had an smg and just dumped twenty rounds into me.

So pro tip when you find the guy. Double check their equipment because if they have an automatic weapon you need to be ready.


Do you have to fight them? I thought that was the bad ending.

I always remember fighting them, but it might be just failure on my part so you could easily be correct. I tend to just rush through it for that sweet marshalization.