How to kill giant worm for old guard quest?

I’ve ben stuck trying to kill the stupid thing for while now, but if I get near the thing he one shots me, even when wearing light armor and full health. I don’t know if its part of Cata++ or another mod but the layout of the refugee center is different as well and the worm is called “Little Guy” I believe. In any case, can someone help me with this? I have lots of weapons and explosives but I doubt I can outrun the explosion and shooting the ground doesn’t do anything, meeling it is suicide as well like I pointed it out earlier.

I’ll preface this with the fact I’ve not played Cata++ and actually done this particular quest so I can only give general advice.

Have you tried some heavier armour instead? If it’s chewing you to pieces so easy it might be worth considering. If it works like regular worms you could also lure something(s) over to attract its attention then try just running it over while it’s busy.

What armor do you recommend? I’ve tried it again and discovered it’s a variant of the graboid called “little guy”. I’m wearing hard arm, leg guards, elbow pads, a dragon skin vest and an army helmet. I have a power armor helmet on my car but I suppose I need something else as well?

Well, tbf, if it’s actually oneshotting you and you have reasonable hp that might not work but heavy survivor armour is pretty damn good with over 3x the bash protection of the light varient and nearly 2.5x the cut protection (20 bash and 24 cut) and if that still wasn’t enough you could line it with kevlar and leather for even more protection

Thanks, I managed to kill the worm but it seem I can’t turn it over to the representative, he still gives me the next mission though.

Congrats, it sounds pretty nasty but then again they were pretty damn deadly in Tremors too.

Haha tremors! Forgot about that Kevin bacon movie, was pretty great actually :blush:

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Thank you so much, now I need to find the captain and that’s gonna take a while.

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If you’ve only killed one then you’ve still got another to go. There’s two of them, or at least there was when I did the quest.

The giant worm is distinct from the graboid, which is also in CDDA. The graboid is the worm’s nastier brother.

Graboid that hit the steroids too hard? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry fo the late reply but after I killed it I get a quest marker telling me to report back to the representative. In any case, the mission’s still there but now I’m a marshal so I guess it’s all fine (gotta find the pump station with the captain though).