How to complete "Find source of robots" quest for the old guard representative?

The old guard representative gave me a quest telling me to go to a marked place on the map to investigate the source of some robots. I followed the map and went over there. It seems to be some place named the rocky butte? There is a strange cyborg inside talking all funny, and of course there are tons of turrets, quadrupeds and other kinds of robots. I spoke to the cyborg NPC, traded some crap, and now he has asked me to bring him some anesthetics? After accepting this quest, I went back to the old guard representative, but there doesn’t seem to be an option to report to him about my findings and finish the quest?

Alright, I finally managed to get the quest done. I’m playing on the 0.G stable version, the mission is completeable, yet, it may not be as straightforward. I’ve blurred out my solution for those who do not want to be spoiled.

My PC had to go through a bunch of conversations with the Cyborg NPC named Rubik, and most importantly, my PC had to ask the cyborg about the origins of his race of Exodii. After performing all that, I returned to the Old Guard Representative at the Refugee Center. Now here is where things get strange. When the Rep first asks you about the mission, just like anyone else has asked about their fetch quests before, your only option is “no”. However, do not end the convo with the Rep yet. After telling him no, you will have an option in the convo saying that you have some info to share about the Exodii with him, go through with that, and the mission will be complete. I am not sure if this is a bug or intended.

Sweet CBMs though! Just make sure to trade Rubik any of your junk to maintain a positive Credit score in order to unlock more CBMs.