Hypovolemic shock and blood tranfusion

So I was riding my bike in town kiting some zombies when I ran into a CROWS and took a bmg to the left arm. This resulted in severe bleeding for about 20 in game minutes or more as I was panicking and not keeping track as I was dodging 50 cals and the undead horde, but after patching up the wound I noticed that I was screwed and now suffer hypovolemic shock and anemia. The description of hypovolemic shock says that I need a transfusion if I want to keep living. I haven’t found any post about so me being new and only experience from 0.E Ellison for about 25 hours entered debug mode to fix myself as I couldn’t alt f4 as 2 turns after I got shot it saved. I have no clue what to do as have found nothing on this and having human blood doesn’t help as I cant do anything with even with a syringe. I have gotten to the point of spawning a hospital but to scared to search the place because my character keeps fainting and moves slower than a disabled rock and my guess is going fall over dead any minute after losing what looks like a small fuck ton of blood but at least I have a nice red trail to my house. Telling how to get a transfusion would much appreciated and im playing in version 10911.

Blood overhaul is a very recent feature, and thus blood transfusion is not yet implemented.

It seems your character lost lot of blood volume and lot of red cells. This is not necessarily a fatal condition even though at final stages the risk is out there. Solution to this is being always hydrated to replenish the plasma. Other than that treat your character as badly wounded, stay in hideout for a day or two, maybe craft something, allow natural restoration of blood, don’t engage in combat and hope for the best. Hypovolemia will pass faster then anemia from red cells loss, as blood volume restores faster then the cells themselves. Monitor your status in the next few in game days.

I will return to implementing blood related features as soon as it’s possible for me. As a teaser I’ll say that I have darbopoetin alfa medicine in works right now (red blood cells regeneration booster) and coming soon ™.

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I had the same problem the other day. I stayed in my hideout and rested. I ate alot of stuff with high iron as in real life iron helps to fix anemia and red blood cells and I wasnt sure if that was implemented or not. In any event it took time resting, but eventually I healed and lived.