How do i get out of this situation

i went fight with some bandits and i got hurt very badly,i managed to flee and cauterize the wounds but my arm is broken and there is no pharmacy nearby and im getting thirsty and tired
pls help

To mend your arm, you will need to craft (or find, but it’s rare) and wear an arm splint. Keep your character out of fights as much as possible, as every hit you will take on your left arm will inflict massive pain and throw back the mending process.
Keep yourself hydrated and sleep alot to speed up the meding of your arm.

If you don’t have enough to drink, you can drink directly from ponds/rivers/puddles or other “unclean” water sources, although it would be better to boil your water or use other sanitation methods beforehand, to prevent food poisoning.

You are not in any immediate danger if there are no enemies around. If you can keep drinking, if not eating, and get the splint, you WILL heal eventually.

Maybe walk back to your starting location and hang out their for awhile? All you will need is a teapot and a metal stove, sticks, and some matches. Boil water and drink as needed, sleeping/reading in the mean time.

Unless your character is underweight, not eating for a few days won’t kill you. If your overweight, you will be fine.

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Don’t worry about it, as far as injuries go from that situation you actually came out great from that situation, since none of your injuries are potentially lethal. Having a broken arm won’t affect you outside of combat, so as long as you find a safe place to heal you’ll come out okay. Just make sure you have enough food to last a couple of weeks (1 week at minimum) and a source of water (fresh is preferable, but unless you have low torso health you should be able to survive any poison damage from tainted water) and do not fight anything until your blood levels recover. If you lose any more blood your body will be unable to recover without a transfusion kit, but anything less than “severe” hypovolemic shock will eventually cure itself over time if you do not not get cut by anything and start bleeding. Eventually your blood levels will normalize, just make sure you aren’t standing on any tall buildings or traps nearby, as the dizzy spells may cause you to fall off or into them.
While a broken arm is problematic in combat, as long you have one functioning arm you can still craft things such as water.

Have the transfusion kits been implemented? I haven seen a recipe yet.

as of aug 2020:

however I haven’t the chance to recently test wether drinking blood extracted from a blood drawing kit will refill your blood levels. they can however still be used to obtain drinkable “water” from untainted corpses, as well as just normally bleeding corpses from the butcher screen

So to be safe just sit tight and do not engage in dangerous activities until your blood levels naturally rebalance. Grab a book or work on that huge death machine you’ve been wanting to build for a while