Hydrogen Bomb

Basically a nuclear bomb but 10 times the blast radius for those of you that like destroying things violently with atomic wrath

What about a water electrolyzer that turns water into H and O2, and the ability to make hydrogen gas bombs.

Hydrogen bombs are, generally, nuclear bombs. They both use nuclear fusion/fission (depending on the type of bomb). Hydrogen bombs just split hydrogen atoms, some other ones use a type of plutonium IIRC.

Also, since when were nuclear bombs in the game? Yeah, there are silo ones… but they already take ~10x10 radius of map tiles in their radioactive blaze, or 5x5. Either way, there’s no reason for this to exist.

Hydrogen bombs don’t split hydrogen atoms, they fuse them.

But hydrogen gas is flammable, so I don’t know why we can’t have hydrogen bombs as a flash fire bomb. It’d burn long enough to catch some things on fire but not as massively as a Molotov.

Precision explosives.

There’s a mininuke as well.
But hydrogen bombs are way too big to be man-portable, fission bombs are stretching it.
Though I would be fine with buffing the mininuke, giving it overmap-scale damage output and a several minute timer.

Definitely, 5 plutonium batteries worth of fission would take out a medium sized town.