Huge spike in monster spawns?


Already spawned monsters won’t disappear, but newly generated overmap terrain will be ok.


And I’m NOT talking about the regular roadblock situation anymore!
Ok, I’m no expert at the game, but this seems a liiiiiiiiiittle excessive…


I have to admit however, that I’m playing with quite a lot of addons. Could this mass-spawning be caused by one of the location or weapon addons? As far as options go I have spawnrates at 70% and Wander spawns on.

Anyone knows a solution that brings back normal roadblocks?

Version is: 0.C-26187-g591cc61 (tiles) Build 7111

Mods: Craftable Gun Pack, Folding Parts pack, Tanks, Boats, More Survival Gear, Cataclysm++, DeadLeaves’ Fictional Guns, Icecoon’s Arsenal, Filthy Clothing, More Buildings, Mutant NPCs, No Acid Zombies, Necromancy, Simplified Nutrition, Beta National Guard Camp, StatsThoughSkills IV, ZSFIXED_C:DDA Extra Professions & Gears, Extended Realistic Guns, NPC traits, Prevent Zombie Revivication, Mutation Changes, Classes and Scenarios Mod, Mining Mod, Medieval and Historic Content, Makeshift Items Mod, Vehicle Additions Pack, Bionics Systems Mod


See this thread: Huge spike in monster spawns?

I have no idea what’s taking so long for the PR to be merged to roll this back but it’s a known issue with a fix already to go that for some reason hadn’t gone through last time I looked.


Cool and thanks Zhilkin, I thought that would probably be the case, but just wanted to be sure.
I need to get away from the chicken walker or tank drone that was laser targeting me (also exploded something on me) anyway.


Thx for the merge and sorry for the double post, saw the topic too late.

But until a fix comes up I have at least a good perimeter defense on that crossing, just have to avoid getting pepperd myself :smirk:


This is not fixed?
Using the last experimental still find groups of 20+ towers.


Family visiting, I haven’t even turned my laptop on in a week, sorry.


No, forgive my english. Want to know if already fixed and need restart another game.
Have a nice weekend.


While rollback PR is not merged yet, here is compiled exe and dll (SDL, Loc, Lua, Sound):


Already find these before but there no “bin” in my build.
Nvm, I try them.
Many Thanks.


Seems to be fixed now. New World and no turret or zombie armies so far.


Then, you need a new world to made it work?


Nevermind, found them again. Seems like changing the spawnoptions just alters the number per field, but there are still dozens. Zombies seem ok for me however.
Those turret groups are scary somehow, like a bunch of muggers that wait for you to walk into the wrong neighborhood. :disappointed_relieved:


It is not fixed. is not merged yet.


Its not really bad, I m having fun because I find a tank :stuck_out_tongue:


If anyone stopped updating the game because of this problem, Zhilkin rollback was merged into the 7119. build.


Ya it’s been fixed for a day or two. No more migo every map tile and groups of 100 blobs. The blob thing was kinda funny though (I was like luring the migos into them so they’d get blobified). I didn’t even know there was a problem at first, it was when I did a lab start and went into the part where they hold the migos and other nasties and there was like 50 zombie scientists just congregating in there as they all activated their manhacks and yeah that’s when I considered there might be a problem lol, considering I had spawns at 0.60.


Ok, this is getting kind of out of hand…

Good thing they are infighting.


All monsters generated before the fix will stay in the world until they are killed, so it’s a good idea to update quickly.