HP ignorant by default, Perk to see HP, and removing asterisks at low health

I’d much rather have HP ignorant be the default (I think it better supports for the feel of the game), and have it require a Perk like “Self Aware” to see the values exactly.

I also think we should lose asterisks, in addition to them change color, as health decreases, down to 1.

Very simple suggestions, admittedly.

I like this idea a lot, HP ignorant as a negative trait is just a free point for me, I always take it so it doesn’t matter much to me.

id add, that levels of first aid should have direct effect on precision of wound display.
also, instead of asterisks there could be descriptive display (fine, wounded, broken, bleeding, etc)

Agreed, I just kinda feel dirty taking it as it’s basically free points.

Sounds good, it will help make the game harder and more realistic, as well as reducing minmaxing using this option.

Ugh. I can understand dropping the asterisks at critical HP; if I get to that point the character’s probably had it, though.

I can’t accept being charged for knowing my HP score, though. Even NetHack lets players see exact HP, and I despise that game.

Strongly oppose.

I can support entirely removing HP Ignorant and the associated hidden HP display in favor of always showing the numbers. If you know how much healing a bandage or first aid will provide, and know the breakpoints at which your health indicators change state, you can very closely estimate your current HP with HP Ignorant; not having the real numbers is just an annoyance.