Hidden Health stat. Message log

Just realized how long its been since I’ve been on, thought I’d check on everyone. Checked updated threads. Specifically a reply to this one caught my eye

Has anyone done something with this? Is it still a feature that needs to be added? Is it far more complicated than I think it is?

Should be: added panel to @ screen (or elsewhere) that shows a of messages from the <player’s log> regarding the status of the hidden health stat that have scrolled through the players messages

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Nop it still doesn’t exist

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Wait a sec, iirc the irradiated status can be seen from the character info no? it shows as “irradiated [x]” on the status section, or im misunderstanding something?

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@Ragno - I think that is correct. But it shouldn’t be, any more than hunger [X] should be. The point of the ‘Character health log’ would be to let you the player know what symptoms and vague general status of the character without giving the player the hard behind the scenes numbers.

Enough information for player to diagnose/ have an understanding of what character can feel/know but not so much that its game breaking.

Thanks Fris0human

If no one picks it up, I’ll probably try to take it on as my first foray into the code/mod side of things… soon as im done with stuff I need to fix for myself… so… maybe another year? If anyone wants to pick this up and run with it, please do.

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