How to use Jenkins PR Builds

So I’m sure somewhere someone is rolling their eyes cause its probably super obvious, but I’m not sure how to turn the files I get from the Jenkins PR site into a working form of Cataclysm.
specifically I’m trying to get either the first or second PR below to work, either of which apparently fix the current butchered meat bug.

[quote=“AtomicDryad, post:5, topic:2764”]My fault, sorry =[ Found a crash bug and fixed in which fixed it…and changed how the item class determined what a corpse is…aaand forgot that I linked meat to corpses using that variable >.>

1942rob fixed it
And so did I

Both are equally valid fixes; while 2544 retains the meat linking (crow meat is different from moose meat), it’s completely unimplemented in game so far ( unless you’re a carnivore or have bio_scent and examine the item )[/quote]

Any and all help anyone could give me would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.

EDIT: Never mind, seems the issue was JUST fixed in the latest nightly, so there’s no need. Mods feel free to delete this thread.