20 January Release

I put my save folder of 13 January Release into 20 January Release Cataclysm folder…

Then… where is my items… and what happened?

lighter of mutagen?? :frowning:

Saves aren’t compatible unless specified otherwise.

Thank you for answer :slight_smile:

There are some changes in the works that will hopefully mean saves will work across versions, but for now they’re unfortunately broken any time a new item or tile is added.

wut? I can’t build anything?
unzipped -> compiled -> new game
just changed some traps to make some of them disarmable

Are you standing beside a broken window?

yup. I also tried with furniture and many other things.

Weird… I’ll look into it when I get home.

I cand send everything I have if needed

This bug was my fault (the construction one). Sorry about that. Fixed and opened a pull request.

Will merge as soon as I get to a computer with a real browser.
I assume by ‘fixed the construction menu’ you mean the broken scrolling?

Also have a title.

Yeah, the scrolling.