How to seal a bottle tightly?

Need help with bottles. For example, I made myself fruit juice and poured it into bottles, how to seal them tightly so that the product does not spoil?

This is - as far as I know - not possible.

Only factory sealed (pre-cataclysm) bottles can prevent spoilage, as of now. This is mostly to represent them undergoing a pasteurization and sterilization process that is no longer possible.

But low temperatures (winter, underground, fridge, freezer) can reduce or even prevent spoilage of freshly made products.

You could also use condiment bottles to reduce the spoil rate (but not stop it).


There are other recipes that do result in sealed containers, but in those cases the process results in sterilization (e.g. pouring boiling temperature products into cleaned and heated glass jars) when things are done correctly.

It’s also possible to use salt, sugar, and dehydration as means of preservation, although those don’t tend to be perfect.

However, that won’t help you in this case. Cold storage (food cellars and basements are the low tech alternatives, with freezers being the most powerful one) is your best bet.

With an auto-accumulator, the refrigerator will be discharged very quickly (

Can you advise on a more efficient option for working with refrigerators?

The only thing I can advice is to add at least one kind of power generator (solar panel, wind turbine or water wheel for renewable power, or an engine with an alternator and fuel) to the vehicle which the fridge is attached to, to keep charging the battery.
Alternatively find a solar car or similar and install the fridge inside that car to keep it from running out of battery charges.

In late autum, during winter and early spring it’s best to keep food outside, as it has usually low enough temperatures to stop or at least massively reduce spoilage.

There are “frozen laboratories” to be found in the world, but they are rare and quite dangerous. If you manage to get access to them, they will keep the food frozen during the whole year without any power cost.
But given the danger and rarity, I do advice against them.

There’s a way to increase efficiency later in the game: If you require more cooled space than a minifridge and minifreezer can provide, you could build or find a vehicle cooler. You can then construct a vehicle with one half inside a small room (toilets/bathrooms are great for this) and the other half outside (using a room window or door frame to place a vehicle part between the inside/outside).
Installing the vehicle cooler on the inside and a muffler on the outside part, with an impassable tile (door, quarterpanel) in the middle and a power source anywhere on the vehicle, it will cool down the room and keep it at low temperatures when turned on.
That way, you can build a “walk in” fridge/freezer with a lot of storage space.
For the amount it can store (more than 10 times as much as the minifridge/minifreezer, depending on the room size usually even more), it is very efficient. But it also takes a lot of power to run to begin with (120 W), compared to the minifridge/minifreezer (30 W or 45 W) and it is hard to craft (requires mechanic skill level 5).