Food rotting too quickly

I have food like boiled eggs that’s rotten within a day or two. I did change the season length, but it lists time as “one week”.

I read in a post that thawing and refreezing might cause things to “rot” faster?

That is correct, some products will become (mushy) after thawing, and (mushy) is the analogue for (old) condition, meaning it will spoil soon.

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Okay, thank you. Any idea if being underground/in a root cellar prevents things from freezing i.e. keeps the ‘cool’?

Unironically gives a new purpose to freezing labs.

Yes. Generally nothing freezes underground, but it’s cold enough that it still extends the shelf life a little.

It’s always better to have mini-fridge or mini-freezer in your car. Ice labs are far beyond zero, by the way. They should freeze everything up, even worn water, making drinking it impossible. Or am I wrong?

It’s true, the first level has a temperature of -7 F and it only gets colder each level down. In fact, it can go below ABSOLUTE ZERO if it’s deep enough.

The freezing helps though if you leave all your food near the steps out. You pop in, grab your deep frozen raw meat, and pop back out for a good meal.

Ovens and fridges have insulation which should help against freezing.

A root cellar will prevent freezing. A refrigerator won’t, though if you couple it with a running engine it will stay above freezing.
If something does turn mushy, freeze it right away and use it in a recipe straight from frozen. It’ll rot really fast once mushy, so it’s tough to catch it before it’s too late. It’s best to do a “frozen food” check of vulnerable foodstuff in the morning, so you can spot it before it thaws and rots…