Recipe to bottle up powdered stuff, pills, etc

After finding a couple of spider nests I just got annoyed enough by having kilograms of powdered egg loose in my backpack that I tried to make a recipe to bottle them up. And that’s where I ran into a problem. I couldn’t find any item like “Bottle of powdered eggs” or something. Opening up the container in the advanced inventory and trying to move the powder in doesn’t work either.

Is there any way to create a recipe that would do that using just the jsons?

You can type a number and then dump in both the drop menu and the standard inventory management. Alternatively there is advanced inv management if you have no lag and feel llike holding the button down till you get where you want. That way you can dump 50/100 or 80 of 100 etc… rather than keeping them all together for no reason.

just open inventory/drop menu etc… > type number > right arrow, letter/symbol for item you want to dump etc.

If you are still interested in bottling them for some reason, there might be a way to do so, but I don’t know why you would, or how to do it. Unlike liquids there is no reason for bottling unless you worried about spoiling. (which you can’t be with powdered egg as it ever spoils.) There are recipes for canning.

The only ways to prevent food spoilage is to craft it into something that doesn’t spoil, or put it in a working mini-fridge such as in an RV (normal fridges in houses don’t work, since no power to keep things cold) or ice labs. I am not certain if temperature has a direct effect on spoiling, or if it is a simple check of is food in X location, though I suspect it is temperature these days.

I’m not worried about spoiling, moving specific numbers of it or anything. I just want a nice, clean, sorted inventory. How’d you feel if on top of all the zombies, Mi-Go, etc. you’d have to deal with everything you pull out of your inventory being covered in a layer of powdered milk and eggs?

For realism, I definitely agree with you that there should be an option to put things like that in bottles.
Also, once you remove things like cookies from cardboard boxes, you can’t replace them :frowning:

It seems like this wouldn’t be very difficult to implement, and it would really help realism, imo.

Ok. If that is what you are after I can sympathize there. It is something I have come to overlook myself, don’t ask me how, that seems like something that should bother me more. Perhaps because of how obnoxious it would be to move it into containers every time I make a powder, or because I rationalize a paper towel or other rag-like object into existence -folded around it/just magically holding it in the center like a stereotypical powder substance in video games- to hold it like we do popcorn salt at the movies.

maybe more need to implement “Fill With” menuitem to any canister bottle or boxes or polyethilene pocket. and from inventory fill any grain or powder to volume you need.
at example - point to bottle and say (F)ill With -> gunpowder->enter. after we have bottle of gunpowder(250)