Thawing out food and water

As things are cold at the start, and getting colder into autumn, what’re the best ways to keep food and drink thawed so I can actually use them?

Keeping them below ground or in a root cellar works, as does a vehicle refrigerator. Otherwise you manually have to thaw them by activating a cooking vessel or leaving them in a warm place like next to a fire.

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A pot. Seriously, I can’t comprehend why people have such a problem with the freezing mechanic. Yeah, it takes a few extra keystrokes to thaw your water when you want a drink, but I believe that to be offset by the way it lets you butcher and smoke an entire moose without any of the meat going bad, or even old.


@Invalid_Username maybe you could elucidate, I haven’t seen any “thaw” option, what is the specific set of controls / keystrokes involved here? This would be particularly helpful for when I’m out adventuring about instead of at a base.

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When next to a heat source, select a pot/frying pan/kettle/etc. with the (a)ction menu and select “heat up food/drink”.

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My usual method is to grab a handful of thermoses and keep at least one full. You need to boil water to clean it anyway, so that’s the most efficient method and it won’t freeze before you drink it unless it’s really cold. Alternatively, keep your food/water in a basement, since those never go below 0.

I store my food on the underground usually with my bed

@Invalid_Username that seems so obvious … I always just assumed it just made food and not liquids “hot” so you’d get a morale buff from it. Thanks!