Mod tutorial?

i have bin planing to mod CDDA but the problem is i havent coded games in a very long time so i kinda forgot, is there any way you cand write a post how to mod or if you guys can post a tutorial link i really have some planse.

This would probably go better in the Toolbox, but I realize that doesn’t get as much attention.

Depends on what sort of use you want. Can be personal, separate download, or push for official inclusion.

Further, also depends on what you’re wanting to do. In general, stuff is easier to create than effects; most Stuff is coded in JSON, a javascript-variant that’s editable with a simple text editor like plain ol’ Notepad–though it may mess up your file ending. Notepad++ is free and IMO much better.

  1. Quickmod: pick a number in a file somewhere in data/json. CHANGE IT. Save the file. BAM, modded.
    (This is basically how I got my start back in LCS, altering the guns and armor. DDA wasn’t written in one sitting, neither was Cataclysm. We all start somewhere.)


  1. your personal use, stuff: root around in the data/json folder until you find things that look like your target. Copy one and alter the relevant values. Make sure all the syntax still fits and save the file. Run DDA and start the game going; when the program gets to your changed stuff, if there’s an error it’ll let you know. If you get Ugly Red Text, leave it up, go to the location it specified and fix the problem.

(Thank AtomicDryad. She built that in. It’s caught me a few times.)

Once it’s working, BAM you’ve made your mod. Kick ass.

1A) personal, effects: These generally require you to edit the source, so you’re looking at a compiler there. Best check the Lab forum for tips on those. I use CodeBlocks. Same principle generally applies. Find something that looks like what you want to achieve and work with that.


  1. Portable, stuff: the major difference here is packaging it. You’ll need a cloud-storage or to have access to a server; put your files there and paste a link.
    2A) Portable, effect: as 1A, for 2.

You’ll see some of these in the Lab forum. I recall pushing for some to get promoted to mainline, and one in recent memory HAS. (I was supervising that process fairly closely, but it got in.) So don’t be afraid to talk about and release your work.


  1. Git, stuff: Now you need to get some kind of handle on our version control system. Github has tutorials that may or may not be helpful for you; give 'em a shot, but I know I needed guidance when starting so if something’s not clear, try the IRC channels. (should be top-level in your DDA install; if not, try the /doc folder) has some DDA-specific guidance that we’d appreciate if you follow–help us help everyone!
    Basically: get the latest code, make a separate branch for your project, hack away, commit to that branch as needed, publish it to the server when you want us to be able to see it, and then file a PR so we know to look. (Wishbringer, who isn’t a dev, seems to actively patrol people’s repos. Most of us don’t, though, so if you don’t get our attention we won’t know your project exists.)

3A) Make sure your code compiles and does what it says it does-or if you’re PRing to get help, say as much. There have been a few bad failures and we don’t enjoy PRs going Wrong.


Hoping that helps.

thanks for the inf