Questions about moding/coding

Firstly, I have only a little bit of experience coding. As such I apologize if this is a bit of a stupid series of questions. I came across a bug with candles being crafted with no charges and I thought it would be a something rather simple to fix. So I read a quick guide and started looking through the json files. I’ve spent a bit of time reading through the files trying to find the source of the problem but I can’t really find anything on how all of the parts interact. For example I want to know how the game goes about spawning items that you craft. I’ve looked through the item, recipe, itemgroups ect. files and have found nothing about this. There are other questions I have too but I think the best way for me to figure them out would be to look through the code. Where should I look to find out this info? Should I look through the exe file? If so is the exe file easily understandable or is it unorganized? also does anyone know what language the game is primarily in? I get that the game uses java script but I know it also supposedly supports c++. Thank you for any help anyone can give.

This part is handled by the C++ code of the game.

The game is open source and on Github, it’s mainly coded in C++.

Thank you for the help. I’ll take a look at the Github then.

I don’t know what guide you read, but I suggest reading the Guide for first time contributors which answers some of your questions, such as the game’s use of JavaScript (it doesn’t) and support of C++ (100% of the active game code).