How to mod the game?

Hello everyone I have a question, how do I mod the game? Is modding this game similar to dwarf fortress? I mod alot in that and it very easy to add alot of changes, but what about here and what are the limitations? Anything here hardcoded that I can’t mod, what I mostly want though is the factions to work. Also I want survivor camps which are camps away from town and the zombies and is occupied by fellow survivors and military personnel trying to rebuild society.

Anyways were can I get up to date mods? The only mods I can find are ones from last year which I think is outdated unless much haven’t changed.

You can make new items, crafting recipes, monsters, houses and maybe something else. See json files in data/json and files in data/mods folders.
But if you know c++ and git you can do anything.

But is it possible to make survivor camps occupied by survivors only?

Short answer is probably not.

Acidia’s working on that.

Thanks for the help guys, I’m gonna check out acidia’s work.

One last question, how do I download acidia refugee mod from github?
Click “Download zip”

I know I may sound like a idiot but how do I install this mod to my game?

Compile and launch it.
You use windows? You need tiles version?

There’s a mod folder in the data folder.

There’s a mod folder in the data folder.[/quote]

It’s not a mod. Acidia’s PR is code that’s a candidate for being merged in with mainline, so it’s not handled by the mod manager. You’d need to pull it into a branch (or merge it into your mainline) and compile your own version. If you need a hand with that, let us know.

I been gone for a while but I’m back. How do I compile it?

OS? Windows/MacOS? You need tiles?

If you are using Linux it is quite easy, there are numerous guides.