How to Make Canteens Wearable

I couldn’t see anything about this anywhere else. I want to add a “strap” of sorts to canteens so you can wear them; how would I do this? Is it possible for it to still hold water?

I’m not sure, but they did add the wearable flashlight which still functions in the same way when you wear it on the body. I’m sure they could do the same with canteens, I suppose, for little encumbrance.

If you’ve ever heard of a Camelpak, then it’s a very useful bit of hiking kit I often use which allows you to drink while on the go. It’s basically a small bottle you attach to yourself/a backpack with a tube coming out of it. Simply grab said tube and drink away!

Sorry if my attempt at showing a picture failed. If it did i’ll just direct link ya

Perhaps the same kind of thing could be added to cataclysm?

Just check out the coding of the wearable flashlight, I’m not a pro but I know it’s a start at least if you want to code a canteen-strap thing.

It’s currently a real pain, if you don’t want to mess with c++ and multiple inheritence, the answer is currently no.

Currently items are divided into different types based on their properties. The types are food, ammo, gun, gunmod, bionic, armor, power armor, book, tool, container, software, stationary, artifact, vehicle part.

For “tool that is also armor” we have a special type that combines the two (“armor” is synonymous with “you can wear it”), we COULD do the same with “container that is also armor”, but that’s going deeper down a wrong path in my opinion.

What we need to do is use composition for item properties instead of inheritance. What this means is each item would have a list of types instead of a single one, and you could just populate two types and apply them to the same item. This is a moderately deep design issue, so if you just want a wearable canteen the TL;DR is “it’s complicated”.