Wearable liquid storage

I used to work outside, one thing the management used to tell us all the time was “get enough water.” It was always very hot outdoors and we didnt always have time to step inside to grab a drink of water. One day I got the idea to get one of those bottles with the clip on them so I could hang it from my belt. they were too expensive, so I bought a pair of cheap carabiners and a pair of plain steel bottles. It worked out pretty well. the bottles kept the water cool and allowed me to carry it about as I went about my work. the only drawback was that they were heavy enough to drag my pants down unless my belt was very tight.

My suggestion is, wearable water storage. not just bottles on clips, but camelbaks and those rubber pouches bicyclists wear on their backs, or maybe a space on vests for a canteen to be “holstered.”

I think this was shot down in the past, but with the new clothing, it’s actually viable. I support it.

And i suport Drinking Hats!

I like the idea!

Most places I got I carry a 1/2 Qt. stainless steel canteen in a pouch with a strap that I can sling across my back(torso), around my waste(legs) or carry in my (hands), so it would be nice to have various encumbrance options when we get wearable water containers.

Maybe a craftable option made from tape an a bottle. like the wearable flashlights, and when they are damaged they can leak their contents.

Another downside I conveniently forgot to the bottles was that when I moved too quick while they were full, they would swing around and bash me in the nads. encumbrance should definitely be a factor, but I believe the camalbaks are fairly low profile. Ive never used one before though.

Yeah they are very comfortable to wear.

Sorry if this has already been suggested (or added in recent patches), but what about a camelback-type item? They are not even uncommon IRL, especially in outdoorsy stores. Do we have anything like an REI ingame?

I always found it strange that you could carry a canteen but you couldn’t strap it to your body.