How to give something a sprite in a tileset?

I really like the idea of Upgraded Solar Arrays as power generators, but there’s a problem: I have to look at that ugly placeholder sprite when I make one.

So, I was wondering if someone could tell me how I could manually edit the tileset I’m using (MXotto, if it makes any difference) to give the Upgraded Solar Array a proper sprite (in this case, the same one as the Quantum Solar Panel).

Simple Solar Arrays also have no sprite (just to note). Are you going to give them one too if you find out how to?

Was actually gonna do this…but it’s pretty…complex. Not too complex, just takes time.

“I know how… but i won’t tell you”

You can either use Paint/Or any picture editting program to open the tileset image of set Tileset pack. Edit the sprite you want into the tileset itself…and try to find what number it is…since there’s over 3000 of it and no ways of actually easily counting it.

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Edit: You can also check which tiles are missing sprites in a tileset by changing tileset while in-game and then checking the debug log in the config folder.

Edit 2: Removed my initial post because Tileset Studio doesn’t work with most tilesets anymore. I found this free tile editor called Tiled that easily lets you see what the tile numbers are. Use it conjunction with a text editor/image editor.