Trying to Learn how to edit a Tileset

I was building my deathmobile and when i installed a 200L drum for rain water it looks like a jerrycan, I’m using MSX Undead people and there are other sprites in the tileset that i would prefer but even with the wiki page on tileset editing and the editing program i can’t figure out how to switch which sprite the vehicle part uses

i’m running experimental build 10289 if it matters

Editing a set like UDP is extremely tricky because the sprites are numbered sequentially in files with thousands of sprites. You can try to find the sprite you want to replace and replace it on the sprite sheet though, in cdda/gfx/tilesetname/

thing is i still want jerrycans to look like jerry cans, i just want to replace the 200L tank with another vehicle tank sprite from elsewhere on the sheet

Use looks_like in vehicle part definition.

thank you, you are a gentleman and a scholar

actually, what’s the file path for that? i’m looking in data/json/vehicleparts/tanks and i don’t see a looks_like

edit: the only one in the file is for the fuel bunker

just updated the tileset and it now has a new sprite for the tank though if i can change it i still would like to = Gimp

There you would open the image file of choice. Find in the upper left “File” or whatever its under to find the Grid. I believe it works with 32x32 and…you find whatever graphic you wanna find and now you have the border to not bork the image in question. Edit it at your leisure. Save it. Should be all set.

If it doesn’t match up. Just align it better. I have not used the software in a long time. So google Gimp–>Grid, if you can’t find it in the program it self. Hope that helps mate.