Help a sprite artist?

So, I’m using chesthole and I’m frustrated at the survivor armor tiles. They look like my survivor is wearing a burlap sack. Not to mention there’s no survivor mask tile…and that…can not go unfixed.
Now my problem is that I’m pretty new to the tileset thing. My biggest problem is I have no way of knowing the pixel location in the program I’m using. I’m using GIMP btw. So I have to painstakingly determine not only the tile reference I’D, but also blindly place my modified image on the sheet and tweak it until properly positioned. Is there an easy way to create numbered grids on GIMP? Or alternatively, I’ve heard there’s tile modding software here, does it have functions that make doing this easier?

If you open your image in Tiled you can get the ID number of each cell of the grid, then you just have to modify the cell you want in Gimp.

Cool, thanks. Umm which version should I use? 32, 64?

You mean which version of Tiled ? Just check in system if your PC is 32 or 64 bit and use the corresponding one

Edit :
So you can’t “just open” an image with Tiled :
You need to click New Tileset

And then choose your image as a Source, and give whatever name you want to the tileset.

And that’s it at this point you can get the ID of a cell just by clicking on it.

You can probably edit the tileset from here instead of going back to gimp but I don’t know how it works beyond getting tile ID


Jesus! I was eyeballing the damn thing for about a YEAR! This is great! Thanks mate! :slight_smile: