How to give mutations appearances

How does one give say a new mutation you have made a visual?

Like say i have a mutation that i want to look like an item (Say one of the many wearable tail items that can be found in mods or something.)

How would i tie said appearance in a tileset to said mutation.

I am trying to make a saiyan tail currently and would like to use the Fur cat tail in UDP, but i don’t know how i would give it that appearance in the tileset, any help would be appreciated.

You’d have to define a "id": "overlay_female_mutation_[MUTATION NAME]" and/or "id": "overlay_male_mutation_[MUTATION NAME]" in the tileset, see the UltiCa tile_config.json file for an example on how it’s done.

The question is, do you want to make a hole tileset or just add it in with a mod?
If it’s the latter, you might want to take a look at how the “monster sees player” overlays are added in via a mod for some of the tilesets.

Thank you! I managed to figure out how to give the mutation an overlay so its working properly! I appreciate the assistance.