How do I make clothing "looks_like" a mutation?

How do I make clothing look like the cosmetic effect given by a mutation, In the deadpeople tileset?

i think that would need to make the sprite for the clothing for each respective mutation you want, or maybe modify the json so if you have the mutation use the sprite for the mutation instead of the cloth sprite so you would look “naked” but still wearing clothes. But primarily the first option, make sprites for the clothes for each respective mutation, so for example, if you have tentacle legs, it would look like every leg had a pants on

Example: gloves = claw mutation
{ "id": "overlay_mutation_CLAWS", "fg": 10104, "rotates": false },
{ "id": "overlay_worn_nomex_gloves", "fg": 10104, "rotates": false }

You can edit stuff in the tile_config.json and make some clothing look like a mutation.