How to get your dodge skill from 0 to awesome in a very short time

Okay, I want to share with you a way how to get your dodge skill from 0 to [size=24pt]awesome[/size] in a very short time.
This strategy works for 0.9 and was not tested for other versions:

[ol][li]Create a character who has 20 INT, 0 dodge and is a fast learner. The rest is up to you.[/li]
[li]This step is optional: Find or make, then wield a very basic weapon. Primarily for dodging.[/li]
[li]Find one sewer rat, and only one.[/li]
[li]Let it attack you and just let it happen. The sewer rat will just ALWAYS miss. Wait until your focus has a very low value[/li]
[li]See how your dodge skill has just increased by a couple of levels in a few game hours![/li]
[li]Get rid of the sewer rat or just run away and try to increase your moral back to 100 then. Do whatever else you want in this time.[/li]
[li]When your moral >=100, repeat from step 3 on[/li][/ol]

I managed to increase to level 23 dodge till summer!
Finding a sewer rat is relatively easy now, since they also spawn as singles on the surface. Funnily, this strategy does not seem to work for any other monsters I have encountered.

I know, INT 20 + fast learner is destined to learn things crazily fast. But the speed you learn dodge this way is simply not comparable to the learning speed of anything else. So I think there is something really, really wrong here. I have not tested it, but the problem should also be observable for lower INT values and without being a fast learner, just weaker.

Things become even more fucked-up if you manage to find a monster which never hits you but you TOO never or almost never hit it. With a very similar strategy you can skyrocket both dodge and melee skill.

Discussion about this phenomenom is very welcome. :slight_smile:

Don’t need high int or fast learning for this, and you don’t need to have your focus up either. I did this with my current character right off the bat with only 11 int. Just pulled the sewer rat into my evac shelter and held down 5. By 12:00PM of the first day my dodge was 12.

They destroy your pants when I do this.

The actual best way involves having a pack of sewer rats attack you in your sleep with a pipe equipped. I went from zero to 50 in record time. That said I pretty much play a pure ranged character so dodge is more or less irrelevant to me.

As I said, I already suspected this. Good to have someone confirming this.

Holy shit!


I train my dodging with graboids

Seems like this ought to be reported, but until it’s fixed, let’s abuse it as much as possible. :smiley:

Dodging in your sleep has been a known bug for a while, I don’t know when they’ll get around to fixing it. As for rebalancing rats in general, I think that’s being worked on too.

Dodging in your sleep? SEEMS FINE TO ME.

Maybe you’re rolling over in your sleep and it causes the monster to miss, like something out of a cartoon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy shit The Slime.

/] brohoof
I love your pic.

I’ve had that sitting on my Imgur for the longest time, thought it would be nice to use it again. (\

get fast learner and a decent int is good. above 14 skill you use 2 points per skill point. its not worth it. you can get your skills up pretty quick in a few days. it really isnt that hard.