0 to Lvl 6 Dodging on Day 1 from Standing in Place Next to a Sewer Rat

Was able to train my dodging to 6 on the first day, probably with the help of Fast Learner, just by standing in place and letting the rat attempt to attack me. I was an AutoDoc Specialist in the High Tech Low Life Scenario

Dodging is overrated.

Fast Learner will do that sort of thing. It’s the “I want to spend some points so I don’t have to grind” trait. If you pick it and then start grinding, it gets silly.

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from clumsy fighter to a UFC pro wrestler in a day…

that’s how Cataclysm works…

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Training Dodging
Not just rolling Tracuer on fled the riots scenario and pumping 6 points into dex and 4 into dodge to start the game with a 13.3 dodge hyper beast

What are you doing with your life?

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