How to get my NPC to pick up this scattered wheat?

My NPC can move freely, has backpack space, can carry more weight (6.75L and 42.2 kg respectively), has
" will only pick up items from the whitelist (set to wheat), She will not bash down obstacles. She will sleep when tired. She will complain about wounds and needs. She will smash nearby zombie corpses. She will close doors after passing through. She will investigate noises from unseen places. She will open doors to reach a destination. She will follow normal engagement rules."
“Callie Megia will engage weak enemies. She will move freely as needed. She will follow you at about two paces. She will only use silenced ranged weapons. She will use grenades. She will avoid shooting if allies are in the line of file. She will move freely to attack enemies”
I have a zone set to only accept wheat, but when I ask her to ‘Please sort out some of these items nearby’ she says “Bye.”, and there are two messages saying “Callie Mejia sorted out every item possible. Callie Mejia completed the assigned task.”

Any tips?

If you have a zone set to only accept wheat nearby, then select the whole wheat field in an “Unsorted” zone and then tell them to sort it out.

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Mega Glub is right, the “unsorted loot” zone should do it. Also, you don’t need the autopickup stuff if you’re using zones.
Odd that she’s not auto-picking up nearby wheat though.

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Set autopickup rule to *wheat*.