NPCs set to auto-pickup are not picking up the stuff I am asking them to

Windows experimental, version 0.C-22127-g572d84e269.

So if I understand this correctly, when I 'C’hat with a companion NPC, go to their miscellaneous settings, tell them that they can pick up things now, then mess around with the NPC’s auto-pickup settings, I can set up certain rules for which junk they should or shouldn’t be grabbing. For example, I include “*olt” so that they grab any bolts they see. I place it in both tabs (Global and Character).

I remember this working in previous versions not too long ago. Currently, however, my NPCs don’t seem to pick up the items I am asking them to pick up. Is this a bug or has the feature been temporarily removed? Do I need to change any additional settings for it to work, or am I just not doing it correctly?


Stupid question, but have you checked that they have enough storage volume to pick up the bolts?

I had considered that, and had even given them backpacks and whatnot and they were still not picking anything up. IIRC they were carrying very little to begin with, so I don’t think that was the issue.

Will test again later after work.

Make sure they are set to actually pick things up. The “what to pick” and “do pick things at all” settings are separate so that you can turn it on and off without clearing the rules.

Yep, they are also set to pick things up. You’re referring to the “you can pick things up now” chat option under misc settings, yes?

In case it’s important, the NPC in question is the starting NPC (I have static npcs enabled). Not sure if the same issue is present with other npcs.