Zone No Autopickup Question

edit problem solved almost as soon as I posted, my herpderp.

New Player here.
Google hasn’t helped me.
tl;dr - how do I make a cupboard immune from autopickup?

I have a base with some item sorting zones - whole base is Loot: Unsorted, and I have some zones within that for tools, food, firewood etc. All good.
I have a cupboard, within the base that I want to sometimes put wood into that I don’t want carried to the firewood pile, maybe other stuff also so I mark it No Autopickup, but stuff is still taken from it.
I tried making the cupboard a custom zone with no filter. I tried altering the list order but nothing I try helps.

BTW, here from PZ and Neo Scavenger. CDDA totally rocks, thanks everyone.

Ok - It’s Loot: Ignore. That works.

It’s always the same, it’s not until I post in Stack Overflow or a forum or something then I am guaranteed to figure it out before long herpderp …

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