How do I use NPC auto pickup?

Guys I can’t figure out npc autopickup. Help plz. I will link photos(no wifi only cell service atm) I’ve never on my life in two years of playing cdda figured out how to make NPC’s pick up stuff from the whitelist

if you set the name of the object to just “arrow” then the NPC will only pick up the item if it is named “arrow”, however if you set it up as “arrow” then it will allow the NPC to pickup any item that contains the word “arrow”, such as broadheads and fletched arrows. the “*” character basically means that anything can appear in that space. If you run the [T]est on the object, then it will show you everything included in the rule.

fuck formating won’t let me put "* arrow " with the symbol on both sides

You mean, like this? “*arrow*”

Nah I have that part down and I have the ‘you can pick up objects’ rule set up but I can’t get them to use the whitelist, I can’t get the game to allow them to autopickup in the whitelist the S keybind doesn’t work and it won’t even show me the keybind in ‘?’ so I can’t change it

you’re a wizard, or i’m just dumb

My best guess is that it’s either a bug or a WIP feature.

Use the Backslash, Glub!

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Was it actually backslash? Cuz it’s on autopickup True now LMFAO and I can’t change it back but I don’t really wanna lmaooooo

No, the backslash is used in posts to escape special symbols, like * - which otherwise, if put both before and after the word/phrase, changes its font to cursive.

About autopickup - I tested on 10614 which I’m currently playing. and the on/off switch can only be changed in your own AP menu, dialogue line about picking up items doesn’t seem to affect it. So either you all have AP enabled, or none of you do. Or maybe it is just interface issue, who knows.

Weird I’ll play around with that but I hope I don’t jinx myself cuz lmao it’s nice my partner can pick up her own darned arrows for once xD

Side note; that feeling when you climb a radio tower next to your starter city and there’s a survivor telescope and a flipping survivors map on it. I’ve been sitting here for like seven minutes pouring over all of this newfound topographical knowledge, especially since my evac shelter quest plopped down the refugee center a good thousand tiles away