Can you make NPCs only grab certain items?

I haven’t fully experimented with this yet, because if it is wrong it will be a massive pain, but I hate that my friend can’t just pick up his own crossbow bolts; I need to give each one back to him manually. I did crossbow in autopickup, but I’m not sure if I turn ‘allow pick up items’ will make him only take things in autopick. I would have done *crossbow bolts or something like that but I don’t really run into much crossbows in the first place. Any help?

I believe there is a pick up menu where you can tell him what to pick up or something like that.

Yes, like I said, autopick : P
I already set that up, but can I only make my NPCs take from that?

Yeah, your NPCs will only pickup the items you allow through the auto-pickup menu. Then you have to tell them it’s okay to pickup items through dialogue. There is however a good chance this will massively lag your game as this feature does not seem to be optimized at all.