How to get higher intelligence?

I was wondering if there is a way to get higher intelligence without taking drugs like cocaine because I finally just got over cocaine with-drawl and would rather not go through it again…

I think cola can give you a short boost of INT, though I may be wrong.

It does ty!

Or get lucky on the Mutation Roulette and you can get up to a permanent +7 (after about 3? int increasing mutations) to your int.

Ah ok ty!

Yeah. All the stats can get Mutation upgrades: +1/2/4/7. (ST & IN become visibly obvious at high levels, once that matters again.) Cola’s got a stim effect, so I think you could use Tea or Coffee as well.

Another option is to boost up your morale as much as possible, cos elated gives you a general stat bonus.

Don’t take too many stims and depressants, though. Xanax is a really good one, because it’s gives a good bonus without counting on your drug total (afaik).

Otherwise, eat lots of hot meals, types of crisps, drinks, smoke anything you can find (weed, cigs and cigars all together will make for some hefty morale bonus)

You should be able to get 3/4 int just from the morale, and more from the cigarettes and stimulants.

Snort coke. Well, not coke exactly but I’m sure there are some drugs that will boost it.

As for morale… Drink a shot of multiple types of spirit. Vodka, Gin and whiskey.

Just remember to drink something that hydrates you afterward-- and the hangover will be a real bitch.

Do meth. Lots and lots of meth.

Lol only have like 5 meth on me XD And ok I know i got some vodka so it’ll work out because 1. Higher int and 2. I got an enthenol burner :smiley:

Adderall’s a good choice too. Escape the withdrawal by embracing it. LOOOOVE it.

Lol ok.