CBM drug cocktail

What is the best mix of drugs to take before installing a cbm?

I am looking to try and get int as high as possible without dying of an overdose. I am not worried about getting addicted to the drugs.

2 codeines, iirc, are 20 pkill effects. Do some asprins to make up any difference, and wait enough to let them take effect.

Th painkiller part is not a big issue for me. I know that taking 2 codeine or morphine and waiting 30 minutes is usually enough.

My main concern is getting my intelligence up higher to help me install the cbm easier.

caffeinated chewing gum, coffee, and even elation.

Meth and nicotine also increase intelligence. I just don’t know what is a safe limit and how high I can get my intelligence with all of this

One cig is enough for nicotine effect.
One meth for the meth effect.
Rest is stim. You can’t actually overdose on “regular” consumable stims - 120 stim from 3 cracks is the highest you can go and it should give you 8 int. But crack gives you “high”, which is -1 int.
So expect to have +10 int from drugs, if you take them all.

There is a hidden “exploit” that is very hard to abuse: Prozac gives you +3 stim without cap. Every ~4.3 Prozacs should give you 1 int. Again - no cap. Though you’ll need to beat the 25% multiplier on morale if you still want that +2 int from morale.

You overdose at 251 stim, but only if the game time is a multiple of 5 minutes.

Too bad you can’t reduce the chance of CBM failure below 1 or I’d totally abuse this.

Just took my drugs for a batch installation of CBM and i got a +15 int from them

+1 from Nicotine
+2 from Elated
-8 from Stimulant overdose
+19 from Stimulants
+2 from High on meth
-1 from High

3 crack, 1 e-cig, 1 low grade meth

After installing those CBMs i got a good amount of reading done also… books that usually take ~30 mins were taking 1-2 minutes