How to find a building for testing

I made a custom variant of the fire station (Using the game’s actual file for it) and I want to find it to see if it works, but first I need to find it. Ideally multiple times for extra verification.
I believe that there is a way to spawn in buildings and such in the debug menu, but when I press ‘g’ for Map Editor it gives me an insanely massive list of stuff to place down with seemingly no option to search for what I want. Wish me luck finding the one thing I need among the 4881 options!
Unless someone happen to have a better idea?

You actually want u, I think, for “Overmap editor”.
You also select ‘4’ to reveal the entire overmap, find your building, and then do a long range teleport to get there.

Alternately, if you set up your building with "occurrences": [ 1, 1 ] for testing purposes only, then you could set up a starting scenario that has you start at that building.

Just gonna . . . quote myself. From that comment I left you not a day ago.

This menu uses the id of the building, not the actual ‘name’. So, for the firehall, you’ll be searching for fire_station. EDIT: This has a chance to spawn all possible layouts of the fire station, so you’ll want to increase the weight of your entry (to like 500000) so you can guarantee it’s the one that shows up while you’re testing.

This works for buildings that are only one map tile large (like the fire station). If you’re looking at a building that’s multiple tiles and you want to see them all glued together you’ll have to do as he said above. You can also search the map/teleportation menu using ‘/’.

The overmap editor has instructions above the map legend that are pretty straightforward. EDIT: I actually don’t know how the overmap editor works o_o. So, maybe not as straightforward as I thought.

@TheMurderUnicorn, you know, it’s always nice when my eye balls don’t skip text at random. If only I had actually noticed everything you said. Thanks for all that.
While I would have gotten the problem solved if I hadn’t made that stupid mistake I still learned some more stuff, so thanks for that @mlangsdorf and @TheMurderUnicorn!