Are there any ways to choose more accurate starting spawns?

It can be a real pain to have spent 50 in game days building up a camp, and then having to scout over thousands of kilometres just to find it again after dying from some unexpected event.
Just simply choosing more rare landmarks like “hospital” can be a real roll of the dice considering there are are something like 3 or so that I know of, not to mention places like that are swarming with infected.

Are there any ways I can choose more targeted spawns or at least get a preview of the map?

Debug menu allows teleporting and revealing the map, but its permanent.

yeah that’s what i’ve been using now, but that can make the game seem a bit too easy

One trick is to write down your coordinates from the map screen when you are about to die so you can find it again with your new character. Can also record coordinates of hideouts etc as you establish them.


that works somewhat but it doesn’t really help if it spawns me away from any noticeable landmarks

If you really want to always spawn at the same place I suppose you could make a custom map special with occurrences set to [0, 0], debug spawn it wherever you want to start and make a scenario where you must spawn at said location.

Not exactly worth the hassle in my opinion, but it should get the job done.