How to exceed 2147 limit for CBM energy?

Is there any mod? Or need change something in configs?
Or it is impossible to change?
E-3 stable

int64_t for energy by Fris0uman · Pull Request #34431 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub do what this PR did and recompile the game
There’s no way to mod it, the power cap is the biggest number your computer can store in a 32bit integer

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Is any one have int64 version for energy ?
My programming skills not so good for recompiling =)

2 giga is the signed 32 bit limit, while 4 giga is the unsigned one. That would still require recompilation as well as a check that the JSON writing/parsing can handle numbers larger than 2 giga, so Fris0uman’s approach is a superior one anyway.