Infinite CBMs ?- Build 6521 -

So I’m on version 6521 and the space taken by CBMs doesn’t show up in the CBM menu, is it just a display thing or does that mean that CBMs currently don’t take any slots and can be installed without limit ?

Limit display is disabled because displaying limits and not enforcing them is confusing.
Will be re-enabled after stable release.

Ok, cool. So what will happen to someone above the limit when it goes back on ?

nothing, the limit will just be a"you have no more slots, so you cannot install that"

I mean if right now there’s no limit and you pile up cbm on your character, then limits are re-enabled and you update your game : what happen to the character with to many cbm ? Nothing appart from being unhable to install more ?

Most likely you just won’t be able to install more until you remove enough to free the slots.

Ok, thanks ! I think i’ll set my own limits for now, if i go overboad it might get boring.

If you want the old limits visible, you can debug yourself a CBM limits trait. It will both show and enforce the old limits.

But the most important thing is to limit the power storage, which isn’t implemented yet.

Is there really a need to cap power?

Why not just make the more you have the less stable your functions, body and chance of bad stuff happening be.


We use 1000 units as max normal use. Anything installed after this will give a scaled increase of debuffs and problems in how well the bionic works.

1200 or higher= You may experience intermittent problems such as small electrical outbursts causing you pain/or damage. Possibly using power units and/or randomly turning off your active bionics to simply having a scaled percentage of not working or turning on. Wasting turns and units etc.

that may as well be a cap, no one wants random negative problems. is why people use he ‘safe’ mutation path even if the others are way more powerful already.

Cap is necessary, although it won’t be a strict cap like “this much and not a single point more”, but rather just power bionics and other bionics competing for slots.

Negative effects for going over slot limits (and allowing going over slot limits, of course) have both been considered and may actually happen. Though it would be more like constant effects, not random bursts of electricity.

Personally I would prefer a soft cap over a hardcap with penalties for going over the cap like:
Decreased chance to successfully install new bionics in full slots,
Increased Power consumption of all bionics that share a slot that is over the cap,
Decreased hitpoints of limbs, that are over the cap.

But I guess those are no new ideas.

Well, hardcap makes sense. How do you install more things if there’s no space left?

There could be a new trait that increases or decreases the number of slots though.

[quote=“leebash, post:13, topic:13878”]Well, hardcap makes sense. How do you install more things if there’s no space left?

There could be a new trait that increases or decreases the number of slots though.[/quote]

Normal limit could just be the manufacturer recommended limit. With enough skill you can creatively squeeze in some CBMs between others. Difficulty goes up exponentially as you install more. Then everything goes wrong and many some CBMs malfunction on the overpacked bodypart, or maybe you mess up the squeezing part and end up with unsightly skin bulges…

well, i said in another thread, i think something important is no-slot CBMs, these are so simple that they just don’t take any REAL space. like the cranial flashlight, it’s basically gluing an LED to your forehead. or the glare compensators, those i imagine are like adam jensen sunglasses. they go over the eyes, not IN the eyes like many other eye CBMs (diamond cornea, telescopic eyes, etc) so them taking slots makes little sense. the main thing this does is it makes the really simple utility ones ubiquitous so that people can ask which of the more important ones they want instead. also because some items would literally never be installed if your choice is between “nearly pointless thing” and “really powerful thing”