EMP grenades - how acquire recipe?

Hi, I’m playing in CDDA for few days for now and I met very beautiful dog… His name is Beagle Mini-Tank UGV… So, there is my question - how get EMP grenade recipe? I have 6 lvl of electronics skill and I didn’t get it. It’s possible only to acquire from disassembling this item and Advanced Electronics book?

You can also find the recipe in the AAA guide. I used to ignore this book when I saw it bc I automatically made the assumption it was something to do with automobiles…lol I dumb.

Are you sure? I have AAA guide and there is none of recipe.
Maybe I will add that I am playing at newest experimental build.

Yeah, I’ve got the relevant .json files open right now. Double check you didn’t accidently hide the recipe somehow.

edit: Oh, I see what’s going on. There are 2 versions of the AAA guide, one is an actual tourist guide that teaches driving skill with no recipes.

Yeah, I have second one. Guess I must go on adventure in search for books…

One more question, advanced electronics and AAA guide can be find in any house and dropped by any zombie? Or I need to find it in special place like Lab or sth? Cause I searched over half of city and didn’t find it.

There’s so many books available, it’s not surprising you’re having trouble finding it. Just keep looking, check schools, mansions, books tores…anywhere you’d find books irl. It’ll show up eventually.

Ok, thanks. I just only wanted ensure myself that this is random.

There are trick versions of several books available, such as the AAA guide, or the Stand-pipe Journal. Gotta look at them closely in game.

So… what had happened to emp nades around 9999? Were they deemed too OP? There is no recipe now, except all I’ve got is the recipe for “emp bomb” which have some esoteric component I’m not even sure is IN the game. It definitely doesn’t have its own recipe.
The funny thing is, hub 01 still sells them, at least in one hub of 2 I have found so far.

EMP grenades aren’t craftable by the player anymore, you can read all the details on the change here:

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…okay. RIP all those prototype cyborgs in labs, I guess :roll_eyes:
Anyway, how to deal with turrets now? Except for that one CBM which I won’t even name here so it wouldn’t be instanerfed to oblivion?
e: I mean lab turrets, not ones on the ground.

Deal with turrets the same way as before, just use an explosive grenade instead.

There’s two copies of AAA guide, on trains driving and is useless, the other trains mechanics.

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… you necro’d a year old post by the way, also malkeus pretty much said that in the very next post.

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You can buy emp and scrambler grenades at hub01

you can now, yes, you assumedly couldn’t when this post was made, otherwise someone woulda mentioned it

You’ve been able to since May or June 2019. This post was made in August of that year.

then its weird that someone DIDNT mention you can buy them… but i guess this post IS about the recipe and not the item itself XD