How to create ascii games?

I’ve been playing Cata DDA on and off for several years now and I love it to pieces, however, I’ve always felt with an open source game it’s so easy to keep adding and adding to the overall theme or tone of the game or story becomes blurred and mismatched. Although, I absolutely love the game and watch Rycon Roleplays constantly when I’m not playing I think I’d like to make my own ascii game and try and contribute towards NPCS in Cata, giving them proper personalities, traits and mindsets. Maybe like mental illness, trauma, arrogance etc… I think that would make Cata DDA something even more special (there is probably some of you guys doing this right now). I know this is the big thing to ask but people that contribute to DDA or know anything about programming could you point me in the right direction? I’ve always had a passion for gaming and story telling and if someone could point me to the basics of how programming works I’d appreciate it.


Computer science 101 -> Principles of Advanced Programming -> SICP

Cheers lol - This whole blog should be a very interesting read for anyone interested in RL development.

Thanks brother I’ll check them out.

I am sure several people might actually love you for helping to make NPC’s better. :). But without programming knowledge your facing a huge learning curve trying to understand them. You might first wanna look at the json files and get a feel for how things are organized. Some of us who contribute here like myself kinda pick one thing or another to try and help out. I mostly muddle though things esp when its with the C++ side since I am more familiar with basic C coding.

I’m completely new to programming and I thought ascii games would be a good starting point especially for the sci fi ideas I have. Do you know with which programming language I should start with?

Python is a good catch all for most projects. Other than that theres a library for writing a roguelike in basically any language. Theres tutorials for specific languages (2 languages to be specific, python and some C variant i dont remember which) on the roguebasin website